Intuitive Massage

Intuitive Massage, adventure – wellness – deep wellbeing


Intuitive Massage, adventure – wellness – deep wellbeing

With a fresh approach from the heart we offer a very special experience in the form of the Intuitive Massage. This massage adapts to the recipient like a second skin.

Its speed, quality, sequence and preferred areas are the result of impulses. These consist of the recipient’s desires and preferences which are expressed in a preliminary talk. Included as well are the needs signalled by their body and its energy field which are noticed during the massage by the masseuse.

The respective individuality is based upon the recipient’s trust, honesty and willingness.

In this way, we as masseuses may use our broad experience, awareness and intuition and focus completely on each person and their nature, accompanying them on a beautiful journey.

Through intuition, individuality and naturalness a wide space may open and one’s own qualities may be (newly) discovered and strengthened. The character of this massage aims to fully correspond to your wishes – would you like it to be a wellness massage with its composition especially written for you?

Or simply an adventure, a journey into the unknown – would you like to follow an affirmation or let a particular feeling within yourself come to life?
Would you like a classical massage or would you like to experience your sensuality in a new way?

Your experience can be virtually limitless.

Undergoing the Intuitive Massage demands a level of trust that you are happy to give to a stranger. Our work is primarily based upon accepting people in the place where they currently are. Therefore, we don’t expect anything from you or your level of trust. During a preliminary talk we will have the opportunity to get to know you and narrow down your anticipated needs for this massage.

You may choose whether to have the massage on a massage table or mat. We gladly respond to your wish to use this massage as an experience of sensual discovery. We would like to stress here that we do not offer the sensual massage as an erotic massage. The sensuality should be welcomed on a journey to one’s inner self. We want to give you this gift and with it perhaps some healing and self discovery in new areas of experience.

We recommend that in advance you prepare a suitable space to return to after such a gift to yourself, for example a pre-heated home with lots of peace and nice music. Or you may feel the urge to spend some time in the outdoors. Let your desires and needs run free and make room for some suitable time out. In this way the effect of the Intuitive Massage will be able to flourish and accompany you to be stronger and better nourished.