Manipura Massage

Manipura Massage, “Rejuvenating Ritual”

The idea of the Manipura massage was created in 2006 when we were searching for a specific type of massage. Each massage has its own character and emphasis but we were missing an oil massage that doesn’t just penetrate deeply into the tissue but also into a person’s deeper structure and this is how the Manipura massage emerged. Its effect is intense and liberating on all levels.

The ayurvedic massage stroke technique and its herbal oils stimulate the cleansing process and gently soften the body. The recipient of the massage can relax and dive deeply into himself. Working with the body’s energy, the massage harmonises the energy lines and creates a feeling of peace. One particular stroke technique on the lower part of the body forms the culmination of this massage – the recipient not only feels literally carried on hands but a very special feeling of weightlessness and inner harmony sets in.

This massage leads step by step into a mild trance and thereby offers a lot of room for self discovery. It is a special gift to oneself (or by purchasing a voucher also to one’s loved ones).

After this massage we deliberately allow a long period of rest and recommend a short visit to our sauna to support the cleansing process. It is advisable to have this massage after work or on a day off. We will supply you with plenty of water and tea and you are welcome to eat a little bit of fruit afterwards to regain your strength.

Manipura Massage at Garden Tantra Berlin

The massage takes place on a massage table and is divided into three parts. We begin with a face massage and a small pouring of oil onto the forehead. We then greet your hands and feet with a beautifully relaxing massage before you turn over onto your front. The massage on both the back and the front starts with the pouring of warm oil and is followed by our own composition.

After the massage you may feel pleasantly tired. This is caused by the detoxification of your body but a few hours later and after drinking plenty of liquids a newly gained lightness should spread through your body.

Where does the Manipura massage get its name from? Manipura is the Sanskrit word for solarplexus chakra. The solarplexus chakra is the little engine in our body that is responsible for our strength, our fire, our liberty and our identity. We have created the Manipura massage specifically for this.


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