Massage Team Application

Giving tantric massages full heartedly: Your hands, your touch and your mindfulness make love & joy palpable. Being a massage artist brings about a lifestyle of sensuality, strength, empathy, sincerity and playfulness. This is, what the Garden can offer to it’s wonderful team members. Self-responsibility & mutual support going hand in hand.


In the Garden | Tantra Massage Berlin selected trained women & men – maybe you too – have the opportunity to professionally exercise the art of sensual & tantric touch in a modern and holistic setting on a self-employed basis. Here you can:

  • accompany in a natural manner our guests in their physical & all around wellbeing
  • spend your professional time in harmonious, beautifully decorated, fragrant, light-flooded rooms
  • dwell in the practice of loving attention
  • make the wonderful aspects of being human and inhabiting a body be felt to our guests
  • Do intimate, rewarding individual and couples sessions and possibly work in groups settings
  • Enjoy sharing and further developing the fields of sensuality and touch
  • Explore valuable trainings, practical experiences and new skills in the areas of sensuality, man-woman-connections, sexuality and the foundational knowledge of human life energy, further meditation, communication & natural wellbeing.


What you can expect:

  • a soothing atmosphere
  • clean, warm ambience
  • a diverse and supportive team
  • inspiring international and local guests – women, men & couples
  • flexible working hours
  • practicing touch as a professional work of art


What you bring:

  • the desire to do good unto the Garden guests especially through sensuality & caring touch
  • reliability, trimness, pleasing looks, positive attitude plus the commitment to offer great massages – possibly the best one’s on the planet
  • willingness to learn and to complete our in-house training at the Garden in an appropriate time frame
  • previous training or background in massage and touch, dance, yoga or art movement have positive effects on your chance to be part of the Garden team


What you can do now:

  • Write an e-mail with your photo & self-description at info [at] – and then call on o177 3649317

Tantra Massage is considered one of the most precious and nourishing massages in the world – Before having received one, imagination can scarcely attempt to outline its merits and joy. Only in the experience and in deeping it its treasure vaults truely open and leave lasting effects like peace of mind, enhanced life increased emotional flexibility. Do you want to be part of this work? Then apply now.