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The Tantra massage is a celebration of human vitality, warmth and joy. Everything is allow to simply be and feel the way it does – right now. Relaxation & rejuvenating sensuality give our ability to control a few hours of holiday and guide you into a valuable counterpoint to life’s hustle and a place where all your being can soak itself in presence, energy & love. Pure vitality, peace & your personal life force accompanie you through your massage. Here you find a collection of all topics that have been found to be interesting and helpful to our guests & the enjoyment of  tantra massage in Garden Berlin | City-West.


About your tantra massage
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Massage appointments

Your massage

You can enjoy your massage by appointment at the Garden Berlin | City-West daily between 10:00 and 22:00 clock. On consultation visits can take place outside these hours.

Simply call: ++49 (0) 176 723 283 94

For general questions, applications & any longer term details our email address is also available for you. For short-term topics please use our phone number.

How to get here

Under contact you’ll find all the details on how to connect with us. All means of transportation offer great connections to our studio.





This great gift idea you can purchase here directly by cash at the Imperial Dam or you get in touch via phone or email.

Vouchers are ordered after payment in a plain envelope by mail to the address you want.

Our Gift Voucher keep 12 months or extension request and € 20 surcharge 24 months validity.

Tantra Massage voucher as a gift
Tantra massage as a present

Come & Enjoy

Yes, everything is prepared for you. Sarongs, beach towels and the rooms are always fresh, appealing and pleasant temperature gestaltet.Deine masseuse / masseur Your awaits you. You can easily receive.

Our tip: Treat task in front of you a little free time and relaxed after your massage. Your relaxation and energizing can be so particularly intense and long-lasting effect.

Your stay

Our experience has shown that it is responsible for the daily planning of our guests arrival and helpful to know ‘return’ from the massage Paradis. Therefore, we give our time specified in the rule to the total length of stay.

Included therein is the time for arrival, preliminary and for showering. Bath towels, shower gel and mouthwash and hair dryer are available to you. After your massage, it is displayed when a time for quiet time, space for a short Nachgespräch and again the shower facility. If you want something more quiet time for conversation and you can do this depending on availability readily to book)




Cleanliness and neatness of our rooms have the highest priority for us. Everything is always fresh – sarongs, bed-and bath towels. Shower and massage accessories and bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use. Our oils come from each of best available control-biological production. All masseurs / interior are trained in professional & personal hygiene.



About your tantra massage

What do you want to know about the tantra massage? Write an Email to info[at]


Need to know

Here you have the possibility for several hours all the knowledge and understanding of planning to leave behind you. Trust yourself the energy flowing and delicate hands to your masseur / masseuse your.
We are happy to provide for your physical and mental well-being.


Massage by a woman or a man

In the tantric experience research it was discovered that there is an opposite polarity between the basic archetypal masculine and feminine. Similarly, a type magnetism. As an adult, we always have two shares each in a unique expression in us. However, a particular focus is present. From this polarity as a result of subtle energy flow, a force field that works in us and through us.

The Tantra massage you can now either with the special energy flow between these poles or enjoy in unison – if you’re massaging the “same pole.” Both experiences can be pure bliss.

The “polar charged” massage has to offer an additional, the pleasure in energy level for you also. The massage in unison in turn contains the ability to come across with you, the source of innate sensibility itself to experience & security out of you, rather than outside, the game of the powerful currents. This “grounded” variant unfolds for your further your sexual encounters with the desire or the next “polarized” tantra massage a new, exciting contrast.

If questions arise in this context, you can find & Nachgespräch space to share them both in the phone book as well as preliminary. Your individual experience is explored here with you and your massage can be adjusted accordingly.


Massage for women by women

As a woman to receive the tantric massage in a female field of adoption, security and support, a deeply moving and healing experience can be. Depending on what point of your personal life you are currently least, the painful feelings and injuries of your previous sexual relationship in life are also the yoni from woman to woman next to the feminine sensuality and powerful desire more than welcome to express themselves. Our women’s team is looking forward to the journey together with you


Massage for men by men

To be massaged by a man as a man, is a completely new intimate experience for many men. Especially among men fear of contact can be a big issue. To be affectionate and sensual touches of a massage therapist, solves many men directly from a sense of shame and insecurity. Certain concepts and ideas about what “being a man” can raise uncertainty as to what it means to be a man in a powerful, masculine and sensual at the same time to let tenderly touching space to come and refuel. The men’s team invites you to go with all of the heart that moves in you a ggemeinsam exploring.


Four Hand Massages

The sensational, “intellectually consuming” experience of the four-hand massage we offer you in our rooms. You can register by two women, two men have a massage or a woman and a man. Details erfrage best on the phone.


Couples’ Massages

The couples massage we offer us for a joint preliminary in separate rooms or if appropriate also in the same room. After the massage you have a common, extended Nachruhzeit to share your experiences or simple common Resting in the well-being available.

Whenever possible, we are also happy to cater to your specific needs at the couple’s massage. Please talk to on the phone.




From a certain point of massage, yes. Nudity of / the masseuse during massage is an expression of respect and veneration of the human body in general and the body of / the massaged in particular.


Also the desire to touch themselves or to be active, is very understandable. The massage stimulates our body’s energies and these arouse in us the slightly different impulses.

As part of the Tantric massage You are invited to let this desire simply to be present until he dissolves by itself, without reacting. Let all sensations appear in all your intensity through you flow through it and go. This strengthens you to really be with yourself and new and deeper experience you.

To make this conscious experience, for hours and so sensual way is a great treasure of massages, body and soul in a sea of flowing sensations. Let you touch and use for example Words or Nachgespräch to share the intensity of your experiences.

If the sensations during the massage to be strong despite awareness on the part of your masseuse / masseur of your, please share with you absolutely, so he / she can enter it and you will experience the maximum enjoyment.



This association is obvious since the space between passive and active intimacy often appears very narrow. Our clear answer is no.

You can see a unique journey into your lust and sensuality of experience and are about even receiving, allowed to fill up completely. The result is a unique soothing, nourishing, exciting, relaxing experience. This gives you the same time to celebrate gentle way to sort leichtfüßge yourself in your sexual beings on powerful.




Visits to a soothing massage practice are part of adult culture. With a professional, loving offer we do our part to this valuable practice. How much one with his touching experience with third party divides decide ourselves, as most know: Well-measured taboos are a precious spice of life. To appreciate the intimacy of the experience with us, we ensure maximum discretion. Our premises are not accessible from the outside and lie in a magnificent and as usual anonymous in a big city street. Experience & Enjoy with us.



Further questions

Gift voucher tip

Make sure that / the other has the option of excited / happy / pleased to be at rest on your gift. If he or she does not feel overwhelmed, but the voucher can be used as really the beauty of what it means to assume all Beteilgten are gifted.
Everything else we do. Each visitor / visitors are asked in each preliminary to his / her desires and expectations. Is anyone uncertain and excited, we take it sensitive consideration and adjust the massage accordingly. It is our wish that every / r gets what she / he needs her / his own good.



Orgasmic states can be some of our finest, emotionally satisfying, both relaxing and recharging experiences of the people. He is honored in the Tantric massage and is heartily welcome. Little is known publicly, that there are many different types, shapes and lengths.

On the other hand, of course you must not come to a climax. Do yourself the gift to be here all the pressure to perform outside in front. Your masseuse / masseur you go on your sensitive one being in the moment.

The Tantric massage offer additionally the possibility with sexual energy to maintain a playful, joyful discovery deal. The sex energy and orgasms can be experienced in different parts of the body. There are different types of orgasms: delicate, explosive, long-drawn – with or without ejaculation, in men and women. Many things are possible. Nothing worthwhile to enforce. More knowledge you can find this by personal questions for us, our coaching services, in all good book stores and on the Internet.


My body & the tantra massage

Our sexual energy is subject to many inner & outer circumstances. States like diminished or hypersensitivity in the erogenous/genital areas, premature ejaculation or fluctuating erectile/arousal function can be part of  being human.

Sometimes you, as a guest might feel uncertain, whether you are welcome & in the right place under these circumstances and the massage will still benefit you.

The answer is: Yes. If there are no medical contraindications, the tantric massages are actually highly recommended especially here.

The causes for sexual disorders are not always explicable and in many cases unnoticed emotional aspects influence them. Here is where the tantra massage unfolds its beauty. Not only is your whole body touched and loosened up. Also the intimate parts receive caring, loving attention and the resulting deep, soothing relaxation can support the emotional flow in lasting ways.

For enjoying the massage and the effect of touch, it is also not important how functional is the genital area. It’s all about joy & rejuvenation. So, feel invited to express your fears in the preliminary talk with your masseuse / masseur at your massage or session & then savour the experience.



Orgasm II

As a woman, I never had an orgasm – an orgasm with a partner. Can I still enjoy the massage? Can the massage might even help to have an orgasm?

Yes, you can enjoy the soothing sensuality of the massage and getting to know your body in deep states of relaxation connected with pleasure can extend your ability to experience your orgasm.

It’s in the essence of tantra massages to experience sexual energy not in gthe context of providing a service to your partner. Fears, expectations, and self-doubt are  circumvented this way. Here you can indulge in self-love, the joy of your sexual forces and pleasures. The massage is totally for you. This particular situation often provides experiences that are considered rare in the “normal circumstances”. Allow yourself to sink into your precious being. Savouring tenderness & liveliness in body & feelings. All else unfolds naturally.




Orgasm III – Sexual energy & communication

As a woman/man, it’s very easy for me to experience orgasm & orgasmic states. I want to explore this deeper. I would like to communicate about what I feel and what my companion feels. I would like to explore the fine weavings of the subtle emotional & energetic aspects of human connection.

Yes, you can go deeper and more & more subtle. In your Tantric Sessions you’ll find just the right setting to explore the depths and heights of being in this human body, of being interconnected. Enjoy the communion.