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“What touches you most profoundly is sensuality from the heart.“

Tantra counselling


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„Touch isn’t merely physical. It has the potential to transform your experience.“

Tantra counselling, Deep Touch


„Sensuality, that nourishes you.“


Massage therapist, Tantramassages


What makes the Tantric massage to this wonderful experience? The trust and openness of the recipient, the massaged. The unique location, the clean, comfort and ambience of calm. The warmth, dedication and expertise of masseuses and masseurs.

Here is an excerpt of experiences:



“Very skillful!”



“So much vibrancy. I was expecting relaxation. But so much? I did not see that coming.”



“All the things that have made ​​me nervous beforehand – How I’ll deal with the pressure to perform, the want to relax quickly and deeply? Will I be able to surrender myself into feeling good and deep relaxation? Will my head go silent at least once? etc. – were simply brushed off, little by little with the arrival, the friendly conversation, the refreshing shower, the touch. Wow! You made me feel very comfortable. ”



“I want to say thank you for my first tantric massage experience. Couldn’t have imagined it any better. See yo soon. ”



“Lust & relaxation at the same time. What an exciting mix! ”



“Here I have discovered just how hot and natural being a woman can be. How graceful my sensuality truly is. Thank you! ”



“I have no words! Heavenly!



“Great atmosphere, professional and very caring, excellent massage – 5 stars!”



“You are the reason why I regularily treat myself to massages again and again – with great pleasure.”



“How easy everything is, just by me being welcome to be as I am.”



“At first I thought: How is this possible? Receiving party only – for 2.5 hours? Afterwards I felt: YES! That’s my new favourite treat. ”



“Top notch. Simply to notch. ”



“With you I find the peace and relaxation that I need for my intense work life.”



“I will so tell my girlfriends about this! Marvellous!”



“I feel my heart overflowing with love. My mind is crystal clear and calm. My body is pulsating with life. Way to go! ”



“I feel lucky to have found you! See you soon. ”



“I have been able to enjoy the Tantra massage with several of your massage therapists and am surprised how each massage brings me closer to myself. Keep up the good work! ”



“I LOVE the tantra massages with you!”



“I feel like I am a renewed, self-confident man. More at peace with myself and the world. Thank you. ”



“Until now, I thought sexual energy for me as a man’s desire and lust. Short & Crisp. Today I learned for the first time how it feels to float for hours in those states. Wow! ”



“You are our favorite quality time oasis in Berlin. Tantra massage has brought us as a couple even closer. When we feel each other connected, elated and more relaxed at the same time that makes for a wonderful afternoon together. ”



“Was I not sure if I’m right with you. Is there sympathy? Can I trust my massage therapist? Will he be able to sensitively respond to me and my body. And YES! It all fit smoothly. Sympathetic call. When arriving the instant feeling that all suits well and then the amazing company & touches. Now I am very touched. Thank you. ”



“The brightness in my eyes has now been present for days. My friends and colleagues simply don’t cease to compliment me. ”