Tantra Massage

Tantric Massage – “Awakened Joy”


Your tantric massage offers you a priceless journey into relaxation, deep rejuvenation, sensual & possibly spiritual experience and maybe even discoveries of your true nature. It is effortlessly expanding your self knowledge, as well as your emotional harmony and strength. Moreover, this massage enhances the pleasures and gifts otherwise hidden inside our sexual chakra – our joy center in life – and all that in playful and caring ways.

Each massage offers itself as a nourishing holiday as the massage artist’s touch acknowledge your feelings and body’s needs with its sweetness. Warm massage oil on your skin, select fragrances of essential oils sooth your senses softly.  The tantramassage is particularly concerned with a holistic sensual approach to being human and you are entering into a guided, exciting tour in your inner universe. Tender strokes over your body, massaging and kneading, eased up muscles, activate and harmonised meridians and much more contribute to your joy. After your tantramassage you are bound to feel revitalised, refreshed and happy.

The tantric massage originating from traditions of several thousands of years in various tantric lineages has been re-interpreted in Germany in the 70ies and is continuously evolving. Its outline and intention can be very individual depending on the massage practitioner and their personal background. One inpiring concept in neo-tantra is to enjoy, experience and eventually transform the male and female sexual energy which can be compared to powerful ocean stream  and to direct it into your consciousness – this can lead to expanded wellbeing and states of consciousness.

This massage includes all areas of your body from top to toe and is practiced on a massage mat or table. An introductory part on the front of the body, which provides a calming start. Deeper strokes and touches on the backside and finally the deepest, most sensitive touches on the front again – Massage for body and soul. Tantramassage touches you in nearly magical ways – showering you with ease and naturalness. Feel invited to profoundly let go and notice how this allows you to fully feel home in yourself.

Your options:

Basic | 2 hours stay including showers, talk & massage 225€

Classic *| 2,5 hours stay  275€

Deluxe ** | 3 hours stay  325€

Samadhi ** | 3,5 hours stay  375€

Nirvana ** | 4 hours stay  425€


* recommendation for first time guests | ** special recommendation for women & savourers | questions & answers

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