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Locations:  Berlin | Schöneberg – Mitte – Prenzlauer Berg

Tantra & Massage…

… loving and openhearted paths full of pleasure and joy. In your massages you experience a relaxing, stimulating sensory journey brought you opened the possibility of tantric touching to float.

Welcome to this charming oasis in the bustling capital. The tantric massages are precious pearls of the tantric lifestyle. What gifts may be contained here for you? Find out & book your personal massage appointment – today .

Also in store: Sensual coaching or select seminars. You can reach us daily via phone or email – see footer


Your Garden Team, Berlin-West .

Yoni Lingam Tantra Massage Berlin

Known through the classical Tantra Massage DVD-Set (see below) and the ‘Tantrazentrum Berlin’.



Our tantric massages

Tantra Massage

Flowing life energy


Tao Massage

Finely woven harmony

Yoni & Lingam Massage

Traditional reverence

Manipura Massage

Rejuvenation ritual

4-Hand Massages

Royalty in the body

Deepening Love


Our Massage DVD’s can be found nationwide in Tantra seminars & stores:

The DVD Set has been developed in close cooperation with the german tantra association and  have been filmed in the former ‘Tantrazentrum Berlin’. The massages have been enhanced & continuously developed further in the space of GARDEN BERLIN | Kaiserdem ICH“ and over their development in the past years they mark a precious pinnacle of the art of touch.

Tantra Massage DVD
DVD 1: Tantra Massage – The sensual touch (incl. audio CD massage music)
Tao Massage DVD
DVD 2: Tao Massage – The tender touch (incl. audio CD massage music)
Yoni Lingam Massage DVD
DVD 3: Yoni & Lingam Massage – The intimate touch  (incl. audio CD massage music)

Tantramassage – The Sensual Touch

You can book the Tantra Massage here at the Garden | Berlin-West either individually, for couples or for several people . In addition, individual coaching and tantric massage seminars offer the opportunity to learn & savour this art of touching & connecting with each other deeply. In addition there is our professional training films on DVD. Here, the tantric massage is explained & demonstrated in an engaging, digital format.

Tao Massage – The Tender Touch

The tender Tao massage you can find here in our massage offers or you can learn & enjoy it in the Tao massage coaching  and the Tao seminar. Enjoy and be inspired  also with the DVD.

Yoni & Lingam Massage – The Intimate Touch

With the intimate, tender and non-intentional connection with the female or male genitalia you feel presented with a truly exhilarating experience with your massage partner. You can experience the yoni lingam massage at the Garden embedded in a precious tantric full body massage. You can learn about it first hand in a massage coaching individually or in couple. Or you can get to know and deepen your practice it  in our seminars as part of our massages trainings. And of course get inspiration on the DVDs.




More perspectives on Tantra Massage

The Tantric massage represents a wonderfully playful and mindful art of touch. Do you enjoy daydreams of soulful, juicy and delicate touch? Do you love the times & places in your life filled with unintentional, loving care? Do you like to be spoiled and appreciated? With the tantra massage you’ll be immersed in sensuality and in the very moment of your experience. Will you let yourself be seduced to enjoy the deeply relaxing worlds of your feelings? Tantra uses in this massage numerous small touch finesses – Your skin is softly pampered with findertips, warm energetically flowing hands and body-to-body moments. The Softness leads you to powerful sensual experiences.Warm oil on the body then nourishes this flow. Your body loosens up more & more. Your massage artists intuition brings you surprises again and again. Each Tantra massage is individually designed – completely out of the moment. Like meeting a magnificent space of eternity inside.