Massage for Couples

Massage for Couples “Deepening Love”


Naturally, we love the people that are close to us. And those close to us are often also connected to our needs. The presence of a partner may entice us to project our needs onto them and perhaps even be demanding.

The satisfaction of one’s needs is felt & expressed strongest in the area of the heart. Experiences that deeply fill us with love make our daily needs appear trivial. When we meet our loved one’s completely filled with love an unbelievable peaceful and unique state of being is unfolding. Because it is then that love flows in its most pure and unconditional splendor.

To enter this state is exactly what the couple’s massages would like to offer to you. They provide a wonderful opportunity to fulfill our longing for unconditional flow. Tantra Massages are devoted to fully nourish us without trying to meet or evade any expectations. Bringing this energy into your connection is precious and an often intense enrichment.

All of our massages are available for couples and you can choose whether to enjoy them in either the same room or in separate rooms. The special blissful happiness afterwards can unfold itself beautifully in a shared resting time, where you and your partner can gently come back down to earth together and share your experiences & emotions.

Treat yourselves – with a precious Tantra Massage in Berlin

Tantra Massages for  couples


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