Massage Coaching

Massage Coaching in Berlin

Magic of touch – For individuals & couples

This coaching for you and/or your partner holds within itself manyfold joys & insights into the art of sensual massage – tailored to individual needs and abilities. Make your first and further steps in this field assisted by a trained and caring professional. Feel yourself versatile & empathetic as this journey unfolds. Deepen your sensitivity and knowledge. In a preliminary phone talk and within the session you will find your desired priorities and orientation for the coaching. The world of the sensual tantric massage has many beneficial experiences and treasures in store for the curious at heart. Discover them.

The wealth of knowledge and the empathy of our male & female coaches through training & formation in various massage styles, movement arts, meditation, Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra, furthermore the many years of practical experience and in assisting and teaching in seminars form the basis for your professional guidance inside the world of sensual touch.

Massage Coaching. Individual Sessions. Supervisions. Tantric Initiations.

Individual Sessions

For men & women. Have you had someone experienced guide you benevolently into the field of intimacy yet? Discover what dear treasures touch, sensuality & sexual energy have waiting for you.

Joy & lessons in the art of touch

2 hours complete stay 240 €*

2,5 hours complete stay for  300 €*

* plus Modell + 80€ per hour



Unfold your massage potential

You have been to one of our massage coachings and have practiced your massage skills and now want to give a massage & receive the detailed feedback of a professional massage artist.

Deepening your sensitivity

3 hours complete stay for  350 €

Couple’s Sessions

As a couple, we can give each other so much joy & nourishment, surprise & tenderness. Making our partnership a precious experience for one another. Here you’ll find options to go deeper:

In the couple sessions there are various options, depending on your interests. Guided by an experienced massage artist you are initiated in the art of touch and can deepen your capacities to give and receive increasing amounts of sensual energy & relaxation. One partner is receiving in these tantric sessions, while the male or female coach and/or the second lover is evoking precious sensations. This is a space to discover, learn, enjoy, celebrate, transform, inspire you as a couple through the power of your innate sensuality.

One way delight

2,5 hours complete stay for  250 €

3 hours complete stay 300 €

Joy for one after the other

4 hours complete stay 400€

5 hours complete stay 500€


Tantric Initiation

Discover your sensual and physical receptivity, go on into stimulating explorations, savour touch & insightful guidance opening you up into a tantric initiation. Ancient, tradtional & modern techniques & ways to connect await you. Come together and celebrate your path as a couple. Here you can enter an intimate space purely dedicated to expand your individual & shared life force. Unveil how pleasure, awareness and harmony lead to your innate potential for ecstasy and serenity.

Here you can learn practical techniques and approaches that will bring you in astounding states of being. NAthing in enlightening states of body and consciousness. Meet yourself intensively & arising out of the present moment is what is referred to in mystical descriptions as primordial essence of the masculine & the feminine. Previous participation in our massage coaching is a prerequisite for these formats.

Awakening & Connection

3,5 hours complete stay 525€

Unification Ritual

6 hours complete stay 900€