Yoni und Lingam Massage

Yoni & Lingam Massage “Traditional Worship”


This massage turns to our very own femininity and masculinity respectively.

It is a sensual journey into our emotions, which allows us to discover a number of small worlds within ourselves and which enables us to get into touch with our feelings, memories, desires and zest for life in a deep and healing way.

The framework of this massage has been created with great care and in a protective manner for both parties.The Yoni & Lingam massage forms a separate part of massage that can be extended with a Tao, Tantric or Manipura massage. It addresses our most sensitive part of the body, our intimate area.

Our team is aware of the enormous range of feelings and emotions that this massage can evoke, and we treat the trust given to us in such moments with great care and respect. This protective and loving space that is created turns this massage into a precious jewel. This moment of deep contact with ourselves brings us closer to understanding our femininity and masculinity and therefore gives us a lot of strength and balance in our everyday life.

The intimate massage of the woman has been given the Sanskrit name “Yoni” massage and that of the man “Lingam” massage. These intimate massages each consist of over twenty different stroke techniques and touch us in a way that we may not necessarily know from our private life. It can definitely be said that the first yoni or lingam massage will be an enlightening experience.

We approach this matter with great care and attention and regard the Yoni and Lingam Massage as a gentle way of healing. We offer this to clients already known to us who have previously enjoyed the deep world of experience that a sensual massage such as the Tao, Tantra or Manipura Massage gives.

With a longer massage (two hours or more) you will have the possibility to extend the intimate massage with rectal or prostate massage, which will also be embedded in the whole body massage (at the end of the back of the body). The rectal and prostate massage addresses our ability to be lucid. Stress and unlived emotions can literally be hidden in this area and cause us to close up. The gentle and careful massage makes us soft and open and therefore allows us to let ourselves go completely.

Yoni Lingam Tantra Massage Berlin

The massage approaches us slowly, using different stroke and tapping techniques to relax the outer area before turning to the pelvic floor or prostate with a tissue massage. The rectal or prostate massage is therefore an ideal preparation for the intimate massage, which is embedded in the whole body massage at the end of the front of the body.

We would like to point out here that the Yoni & Lingam massage is not an erotic massage. This massage is meant as an emotional journey into our inner self, during which everything that can be experienced should be experienced.This massage invites you to stay close to yourself and not to be distracted by things around you. As we are concerned with a distinction here that above of all can be “felt” or experienced, we are open to any questions that you may still have. If this is the case, please contact us by phone or in person and we will be happy to answer any of your queries.


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