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Tantra Massage


Awakened Joy

A journey into the discovery of your true self… Tantra Massage – Queen of massages – beautiful, playful, tender and intense. Open the treasure vaults of what being human can feel like. Joy, tenderness, touch that spoil us and rain warm appreciation on our body with every breat, that is the tantric massage. A jewel for women, men & couples.

A tantric massage is a chant of inspiring, delicate touch that unintentionally soothes your body and alleviates your mind & heart. Equanimity guides you into a state of flow in your unique sensual experience. The Tantric Massage uses touch in its many refinements. The body is loosened up with fingers, body and cloths gently dancing on your skin. Warm oil sourrounds you – you return home. Various massage subtleties make you feel safe & sound. Sensual surprises spark further waves. Have your own skillful massage in the Garden Berlin.

Basic | 2 hours stay including showers, talk & massage 170€
Classic *| 2,5 hours stay including showers, talk & massage 200€
Deluxe ** | 3 hours stay including showers, talk & massage 250€

* recommendation for first time guests | ** special recommendation for women & savourers | questions & answers

Deluxe Plus ** | 3,5 hours stay including showers, talk & massage 300€



4 Hands Massage


Intensive effect

The massage performed by two masseuses, using two pairs of hands in a synchronised fashion, is an old and beautiful tradition.The effect of the massage…

Massage for Couples


Deepening Love

Naturally, we love the people that are close to us. And those close to us are often also connected to our needs…


Intuitive Massage

Intuitive Massage

adventure – wellness

With a fresh approach from the heart we offer a very special experience in the form of the Intuitive Massage. This massage adapts to the recipient like a second skin…


Tao Massage


Invigorating Harmony

Every massage follows its own path to lead the recipient into its centre. On the one hand, the Tao Massage is one of the most meditative massage forms…


Manipura Massage


Rejuvenating Ritual

The Manipura massage builds on a ancient temple massage background …


Yoni & Lingam Massage


Traditional Worship

This massage turns to our very own femininity and masculinity respectively. It is a sensual journey into our emotions, which allows us to discover a number of small worlds…